Clay Roofing: History and into the Future

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“The origin of clay roofing tile can be traced independently to two different parts of the world: China, during the Neolithic Age, beginning around 10,000 B.C.; and the Middle East” (

With a history dating back thousands of years, clay roof tile has been providing shelter for generations.

Originally shaped using a curved surface such as person’s thigh, the original clay roofing of Asia and Europe was a simple solution to provide quite literally; a roof over people’s heads.

Being more durable and aesthetically pleasing to their original thatched roof counterparts, clay roof tiles brought an improved design to homes around the world.

Benefits of original clay roof tiles included highly improved fire protection, better weather resistance, and an aesthetically pleasing design in comparison to thatched roofs.


Fast-forward thousands of years into the future to present day:

Clay roof tiles have kept and improved on their original design such as Boral Roofing’s Clay roof tile lineup that offers Class A fire ratings, recyclability through the use of natural materials, high energy star ratings, and improved protection against the elements.

Aiming to maintain the history and aesthetics behind the original clay roof tiles, Boral Roofing has dedicated our time to creating the best possible clay rooftile product while providing innovative improvements in durability, design, and protection that the products offer to the structures they’re placed on.

Clay roof tiles have long been a symbol of premium roofing, Boral Roofing prides itself on creating American-made clay roof tile that is produced in our cutting-edge manufacturing facility while paying close attention to quality, the environment and providing an unmatched value to our customers.

Supporting tradition with design innovation, our tile allows for customized installations including staggering, boosting, serpentine patterns, and more.

Boral Roofing offers six different clay roof tile profiles that are all designed to pay homage to the original clay roof tiles dating back thousands of years, and to satisfy and fit the needs of your home or structure in the modern era.

Profiles Include:

Romano Pans – Romano Pans trace their roots to the ancient Greeks. The flat-bottomed pan is designed for use with either Mission or Monarch barrel-shaped tops and creates a look reminiscent of classical European aesthetics and style. Setting off the barrel tile, Romano Pans allow design flexibility and create a stunning appearance that signifies individuality of style in the best of taste.

1-Piece “S” Tile – The sophisticated composition of one-piece “S” clay tile accents the curvature of the roof, creating a distinct, elegant dimensional color. The covers and pans of classic barrel tile are joined into a single, strong, efficient piece that radiates the traditional clay tile appeal.

1-Piece “S” Tile is designed to allow custom options such as boosting for that artisan inspired installation while saving time and cost, making clay tile beauty and value available at substantial savings.

Clay Max – ClayMax lightweight tile offers a modern variant on the classic theme, a low-profile double-barrel tile that brings together the beauty and benefits of clay tile in a design that pairs resilience with sensibility. ClayMax tile are ideal for re-roofing, as well as residential, commercial and homeowner’s association projects where weight, durability and value are important considerations, but style and performance are not to be compromised.

ClayLite – The beauty of kiln-fired clay and the efficiency-advantage of one-piece “S” tile are elegantly engineered into ClayLite, a genuine clay tile that reduces weight by as much as 40%. Made from the same natural materials as our standard weight tile, ClayLite is designed especially for re-roofing.

2-Piece Mission – True two-piece Mission barrel tiles speak of history, security and luxury. With a simple, practical design that dates back to the Bronze Age, mission tiles have adorned the roofs of palaces, temples and the early missions in California. 2-Piece Mission tiles distinguish your home with unmatched beauty and elegance.

2-Piece Monarch – The Old-World charm of traditional small-barrel, high-arch clay tile is captured exquisitely by our two-piece Monarch tile. For the truly inspired designer or homeowner, this authentic Mediterranean style offers a more closely refined roof that is distinctive, vibrant and universally appealing. Monarch tiles are rich with the time-honored aura of kiln-fired clay, made with modern consistency and efficiency to the most exacting standards of quality, strength, and durability.